I n v e s t   w i t h   a n   i n v e s t o r !

Tim O'Connor has been a Seattle resident for over 15 years. During this time, he has bought, renovated and managed numerous multi-family properties and homes. In addition to having first hand experience with the "nuts and bolts" aspect of renovation, he also has unique skills that set him apart form other Realtors, such as:

  • Registered as a Geologist and Hydrogeoligist by the State of Washington
  • The ability to evaluate potential geo technical problems, such as conditions that increase the possibility of a cracked foundation or a sliding hillside.
  • The ability to see the potential of a property as well as identify possible obstacles to renovation.
  • The knowledge and skills and contacts to help you achieve your renovation goals.
  • The ability to evaluate all aspects of a project before the work starts.

Combining all these elements, Tim is able to evaluate the potential of a property from top to bottom in order to project the "real" profit margin. Simply put...

Tim's expertise is your best investment!

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