For Buyers

In a city where the real estate moves quickly, having the right Realtor is critical. Tim is the right Realtor to give you the advantage you need.

What makes Tim stand out becomes clear the first time you meet him. He takes the time to fully understand your wants and needs, and knows that looking at properties can be an overwhelming experience. Tim is ready to guide you through the real estate market with experience and wisdom. As his client, you will benefit from his exceptional ability to see a house's potential. He has a keen ability to help his clients look past existing decor and see a house for what it really has to offer. This perspective allows you to accurately evaluate any property and make an informed buying decision.

In today's market, buyers can expect to be up against multiple offers on any given property. Often, this means that they won't get the house they truly want and requiring that they have to start again to find yet another house to offer on. With Tim guiding you through your offer, this rarely happens. When competing with other buyers, he uses a proven strategy to get his clients into first position the first time around. And it works. Tim has proven experience within the industry and selling agents know that his offers are solid and will not fall apart in escrow.

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