Why List With Us?

When considering selling your home, there are three key reasons why you will want to list with Tim:

Reason #1 - "The better it looks -- The better it sells."   Just LOOK at what we mean!

Preparing to sell your house requires doing more than just a good spring cleaning. The way you live in your house and how it looks is not how you show your house. Staging is a specialized design method that when done correctly attracts serious, top-dollar offers. Staging is an art made up of:

  • Interior design experience - knowledge of space design, color coordination, and current styles and trends.
  • "Having an eye" - the ability to walk into a room and know in an instant what needs to go, what needs to stay, and what needs to be brought in to make a room sing.
  • Market Awareness - knowing who your buyer is and what they want.
  • Inventory - a large inventory of furniture, artwork, lighting fixtures, and window treatments to create "the look".
  • Showing it off - the resources to capture this look in magazine quality pictures.

Tim brings each of these elements to every home he stages. After conducting a detailed evaluation, he will create a unique design plan that best suits the property. Occasionally, all a house needs is some re-organizing. More often than not, more significant changes are required. These changes might be changing the paint color, adding furniture, designing window treatment and even supplying appropriate plants and art pieces. Tim maintains a large inventory of household furniture and accessories which he uses exclusively for clients. He has fine tuned the staging process and can prepare a seller's house for viewing with minimal disruption to clients.

Having Tim create and implement a professional staging design to the interior and exterior of your house will not only increase your home's market value but will make your home appeal to a wider variety of potential buyers, thereby reducing your sale time. It's not just a tagline. It's true. The better it looks -- The better it sells.

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